The Need for 24-Hour Childcare

May 04, 2021

The Need for 24-Hour Childcare

Gone are the days where people could raise a family comfortably on one income. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 50% of married-couple families have both parents employed, regardless of the children's ages. The rates are even higher for one-parent households, where the parent almost always has to work to take care of their family.

Every Day You’re Hustling

Many people have to work more than one job, nontraditional hours, and take on gig work to make ends meet, especially during the pandemic. What is a parent to do when trying to find childcare? Many daycares and early learning centers keep strict daytime hours, meaning parents with nontraditional work hours have to scramble to find childcare.

The Solution is Here

There is a growing need for 24-hour early learning centers, and Sanbridge Early Learning Center has been filling the gap since 2014. Parents living in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Howard County now have access to 24-hour daycare services, including:

  • Before and aftercare
  • Evening care
  • Overnight care
  • Weekend care
  • Traditional child care
  • Pick up and drop off services from home or school

At Sanbridge, we believe every child has potential, and our goal is to help them reach it. We’ve created age-appropriate programs for each stage to help your child develop and hone their gifts as they learn.

Nontraditional Work Hours

Suppose you are a parent working nontraditional hours. Maybe you are taking on more work to make ends meet to pay a babysitter or enlisting family to care for your children while you’re working. In that case, we want you to know we see and hear you. We deeply understand the frustration and helpless feeling of being unable to get ahead in life. We know you worry if your child will slip through the cracks even though you’re doing the best you can for them.

Nontraditional work and shifts are nothing new, but especially since the beginning of the pandemic, these types of jobs have only grown. Whether by necessity or desire, parents shouldn’t have to choose between making money and taking care of their child. 

We Know it Takes a Village

Our programs and activities at Sanbridge Early Learning Center will keep your child engaged, happy, and educated. We know it takes a village to raise a child, but when you work a nontraditional job, sometimes the village gets much smaller when you need someone to take action and care for your child.

Our locations in Catonsville at CCBC and Windsor Mill do just that - helping raise your family when there aren’t other quality resources available. Schedule a tour with us today to get a firsthand look at our Early Learning Center to see the potential we create for your children. 

Take a look at our testimonials to learn how we make a difference in every family we partner with. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hairstylist with an ever-changing schedule, a third shift worker, or a gig worker taking the dinner shift to make more money for your family. Sanbridge Early Learning Center is here to serve your family’s needs.

At Sanbridge Early Learning Center, “Success Never Stops, We Learn Around The Clock 24/7.” Contact us today to experience the Sanbridge difference.


Aug 14, 2023

At Sanbridge Early Learning Center, “Success Never Stops, We Learn Around The Clock 24/7.” Contact us today to experience the Sanbridge difference.