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Toddler Program

We keep an eye on your active toddler as they learn and play.

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Toddler Program

The staff at Sanbridge Early Learning Center is experts when it comes to toddler handling and care provision. This stems from our deep knowledge of child behavior and needs that we have thoughtfully applied to our toddler program. The toddlers enjoy daily indoor and outdoor activities that include sensory play, art activities, music, and small group times for stories, songs, manipulative and gross motor skills that are incorporated through “Teaching Strategies”, Creative Curriculum. Fine motor skills are developed by allowing the child to use a crayon or pencil to color a picture. The toddler pattern picks up from the infant pattern with continuing nurturing, feeding and sleeping patterns to reflect the patterns from home. Keeping the toddler on the routine from infancy will continue to allow the child to anticipate positive transitions.


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